Mary Lou’s West End trip

Banging on the stage door in the rain at 11pm with my friend crying her eyes out was not the way I thought my theatre trip was going to end…

The evening started off so promising,I had budget tickets that were upgraded to perfectly positioned seats in the stalls. Jess had joined me in good time to have a glass of wine ready for the first half, despite her coming straight from set doing make up all day.

Being super Sex In The City fans, having the chance to see Kristen Davis was pretty much the only reason why we were there as well as the fact tickets were nearly 50% off.

The music came on, bright blue light panels slid across the stage as if we were in a giant printer and the bad New York accents began…

I was finding the play fairly entertaining, despite the funky accents. The crazy lady Alex was slowly putting off the boys behind us from picking up ever again.

Kristen Davis was a new york wife who was dedicated to her family and was as sweet as sugar -so she was basically playing Charlotte from SITC.

It was all going swimmingly until there was wrist cutting.

Yes, I admit I haven’t watched the film yet and now I wish I did as I hadn’t prepared myself for the BLOOD!  Anybody who knows me, or was in my class at film school knows I can’t do blood.

I spent a good fifteen minuets of the first half with ringing in my ears and my head in between my legs, thinking

“you can’t pass out in front of charlotte, you can’t pass out in front of charlotte.”

This probably didn’t put the lady on my left in a better mood. She has been tutting and putting her fingers in her ears from the start, to hint to the man in front to stop rustling through his crunchy M & Ms.

Or maybe she can’t stand the the painful NYC accent that is still being attempted by the cast.


To my relief the first half came to an end, we walked to the bar and were greeted by the only two glasses of white wine reserved

…so we are the only ones to take advantage of the fact you can reserve wine?!

The second half highlighted to me, why I got half price tickets and the easy upgrade.

The script and acting just felt.. sloppy. I didn’t feel sorry for any of the characters (apart from the bunny) and this was because they had crammed a feature film climax in 10 minuets on stage.

The last scene was just hysterical- (spoiler alert) Charlotte was rolled out in a wheel chair, with sun glasses and a blanket as if she was 90 and blind. (despite only have bruised ribs from the car crash)

and the vital murder weapon- was pulled out of school back pack in a sandwich bag by the  top detectives.

Well this just set Jess and I off.. we laughed our way into Assagetti restaurant to share some wine and olives.

Jess argued that it was only fair that the husband had a one night stand if Charlotte insisted on wearing those jeans all the time. We debated this issues to the bottom of our glasses and were on our way of ordering more.

“O mary such a bad influence on me, I have to be on set at 7:30 in the morning doing some models mak….MY MAKE UP KIT”

Before I knew it, Jess had ran out of the restaurant, across the road and was banging on the theatre shutter doors.

and that pretty much wrapped up my evening.


In case you are wondering- we got her kit back the next day.

At 7am

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