*PIMMS rating* Polo In The Park.

Horses and men in skittles inspired trousers, it’s time for Polo In The Park. What better time to indulge in my favourite beverage! There was two main places serving it: Mahiki and the famous Pimms bus:

Pimms Bus

This is the Mother, Queen Bee, God of places to buy your Pimms, so my expectations are very high.  Jess and I brought our Jug to kick off Chukka Friday.

Fruit content: 7  nicely chopped, mixed but not enough strawberries.

Strength: 7  good balance, slightly weak

Glass: 6 the traditional jug is always nice but we only got the standard plastic cup 

Presentation: 7 love our pimms stick but nothing else was special.

Overall: 6  nice enough but nothing special sadly.

Mahiki Bar

Jess and I made our way to Mahiki after the bus to watch the polo matches. It was £25 jug so once again I had high expectations.

Fruit content: 4 not enough and no apples!

Strength: 4 very weak from the tap and way too much ice

Glass 5  standard plastic cup but nice to have the jug

Presentation 5 nothing special

Overall: 4 disappointing, not getting near to what you are paying for. Especially as 2/3 of it was ice.

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