*PIMMS RATING* Hoxton Hotel


Geez I drank way too much pimms over the weekend…

I spent my Sunday shopping at Spitalfield Market for my IOW festival gear.

Then I met my Dad and well the rest was history.

Our second to final stop was Hoxton Hotel. I actually stayed here when I was 18 and from what I could remember it has a pretty cool bar. (though I probably wasted it on blue WKD)

Anyway here is the Pimms rating:

fruit content: 9fantastic variety however no apple! 

strength: 6generous with the pimms but for some reason their lemonade was a bit flat.

glass: 8nice size and shape a tiny bit of the small side!

presentation: 9  very pretty and neat.

Overall: 6 very professional and lovely ambience surrounding my drink, however it was let down by the flat lemonade.

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