*PIMM’S REVIEW* Pix-Bar Soho

I went here for a spot of lunch, what a cool place. They bring out a range of these yummy mini tapas plates which you take from the bar whenever , then they count the sticks at the end for the bill. (slightly dangerous game if you have the drunken munchies..)

Well I just HAD to try the Pimm’s…

Fruit content: 6 -slightly low on the ol’ fruit but it did have fresh strawberries in it. 

Strength: 8 -Quality lemonade and a nice dark tint. They crushed the ice in this one which I quite liked but perhaps a little too much.

Glass: 7.5 – yes, the glass is your average nice size. Great for a lunch time drink.

Presentation: 6  the drink has no frills but it was not offensive. 

Overall: 7.5  The taste was lovely and refreshing and they were generous with their Pimm’s. However, could have had more fruit if I wasn’t eating all their olives….

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