*BLOODY MARY REVIEW* Blood Shot (Taste Of London)

In the summer time I don’t crave my Bloody Mary’s as much. However, I saw the The Bloody Mary stand at Taste of London and so I made the exception! I had the Classic Mary It is made with their own Bloody Mary which is made with their own Little Devil recipe.


Food content 8 Beautiful fresh olive a lemon slice and a small bit of celery. I thought it was appropriate amount for a festival drink.

Taste: 8.5 A spice that makes you alert but with a balance of fresh tomato juice, great mix for a nice summers day.

Glass 9 My very own custom made Blood Shot glass which I will now be keeping forever. Great size as well (there is nothing worse then a huge glass of tomato juice.)

Presentation 8 The olives, celery and lemon are put neatly on a stick, just the right amount when you are walking around.

Overall 9 Great for DIY Bloody Mary’s, Perfect for thoseSundays which a hair of the dog is required!


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