*PIMM’S REVIEW* Chequers at Burcot

Visited the old home town this Sunday and when you are in Oxfordshire on the weekend there is nothing like a good sunday lunch in a country pub with a couple of friends.

My personal favourite is Chequers at Burcot- food is always beautiful (love the caesar salad!) and the cocktails list is up to London standard which is rare to find around here. Today I stuck to my good old Pimm’s:

Fruit content: 10 -everything I could ever want was there: Green apples, fresh strawberries, cucumbers even a couple of raspberries!! 

Strength: 9.5 very generous with the Pimm’s and the balance with the lemonade made it taste as fresh as a daisy. 

Glass: 9.5  I can’t fault the size, it’s big enough to feel you have a drink that will last but small enough you look classy(ish). 😉

Presentation: 8.5 cucumber was cut up and presented at the top which added a cute touch. It was colourful and fun. No pitch folk however to have a sneaky bite of the fruit. 

Overall: 9.5  Could this be the best Pimm’s so far? Happily stay all afternoon drinking this stuff.

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