Last Thursday evening, I went to a new contemporary gallery at a place called ARTHOUSE1 to view Sam Hall’s exhibition.

A very hip but glamorous lady named Rebecca has turned her top floor of her Bermondsey home into a kooky gallery space. 

There was something alluring when we rang the door bell of a  big black door. We were led up a grand staircase into the top floor where we were given a glass of prosecco and explored the gallery with the arty types of London  (lots of linen and big jewellery sort)

Though I am not your art boff, I have attended a few gallery openings and can appreciate a well showcased exhibition. It was laid out beautifully with a mix of Sam Hall’s contemporary ceramics and photographer’s Schmidt’s work.

In fact, It was so nice we ended up purchasing a couple of pieces.

If you want to mooch (and you should) here is the web address for more information:

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