*PIMM’S REVIEW* IL Baretto, Marylebone

My mum treated me and my brother to a pre drinks and dinner in Marylebone. She is still making up for the fact she named us Mary and Joseph after all.

Flash back of primary school kids

“Hey Mary and Joseph where’s your donkey (evil laugh)”  


Anyway Joseph had the idea to go to that Chiltern Firehouse place (hoping Miley Cyrus would be there)- Mum and I looked at the big gates with the bouncers and said no.

So we went to a bar over the road named IL Baretto


Fruit content: 8 fresh strawberries a fair amount, could have done with more apples.

Strength: 6 unfortunately as a whole it tasted quite watery from too much ice and the Fever Tree was surprisingly flat. However, the amount of Pimm’s was good enough.  

Glass: 9.5 I love these wine glasses. such fun! (ra ra)

Presentation : 7 it looked nice but there was nothing special. They did give me a cocktail stick for my fruit which was  quite a sophisticated alternative to the Pimm’s stick.

Overall: 6.5  It wasn’t bad butjust a bit above avarage. I expect a bit more from Marylebone.

Note to the restaurant Aqua in Vauxhall:

When I order Pimm’s cup no 1 off the menu don’t try and charge me £2 extra on the bill claiming I had a Pimm’s cocktail, not a Pimm’s.


(Thanks Aileen for telling them where to shove their extra £2s)

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