Five little life changes now I am a “Londoner”

1.How the other side (of the river) live

Post codes in my life have always started with either OX or W. Both of which meant I hadn’t even thought about post code shame. Generally people think you are smart if you are in OX and rich if you are in W. However, living on the other side of the river makes people want to check themselves for fleas.

Though most of my ‘over the river’ companions are pretty friendly. Some sadly, you can’t always trust.

I learnt this when I got my Zara jeans parcel delivery stolen from my door step. I obviously didn’t stand for this so I did the one thing I knew how to do: write an angry note.


..I never got them back.

2.Living With Boys (again)

Despite what the American sitcoms say, boys are actually not always the untidy, smelly ones or make you do the awkward morning conversation in the kitchen with the wailing bit of fun from the night before.


I should have known better from growing up with a house of boys.

There was one significant four letter word i forgot when i signed that year contract…



3. Waitressing

I need money for my Pimm’s habit and so I applied to become part of a staffing agency which does all the major party and events around Central London. I had to do an assessment of how to clear a table. I was given the task of removing five plates and scraping off plastic carrots in a certain way which meant the guests won’t be disturbed . Though my plastic carrot was being particularly stubborn that day… I got the job. I was so happy! I couldn’t wait to tell my dad.. I sent him this photo with

“Daddy I’m a waitress!”


He never replied.

4. Walking

I pulled my pelvis muscle back in February after a dreadful incident of attempting to break into splits drunk. (I was beer goggling myself as Shakira.)

Walking turned out to be a great way to heal this. Thanks to Leila (my flat mate) I was introduced to City Mapper which also tells you how many jellied eels you will burn off in the walk.

If you hate the tubes you should do the same..even the giant cats are doing it.


5.Starbucks (how can you not include this in a London blog)

I have gone to the dark side, I know, but  I need to prove i am a Londoner by being that pretentious person in a coffee shop.


I take out my personally named iced coffee proudly.


Sometimes there is a slight communication problem.


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