*PIMM’S REVIEW* Newman Street Tavern

This is how it started:


I asked Design My Night to recommend me a good place for Pimm’s around Goodge Street and this was the place.

Now, on a serious note, as you can see it’s a jug which I don’t normally do but I will be treating it the same apart from a glass I will be rating the jug.


Fruit content: 8.5 yes! Fresh mint, cucumber, oranges  strawberries..all cut up beautifully! (No apple though unfortunately)

Strength: 10 This was the best thing- very generous on the Pimm’s which is rare in a jug.  So much so that the second jug seemed to be a great idea..and the third.

Jug: 7 nice classy jug though the fruit was fairly hard to get out and we didn’t have a stick to poke it through.

Presentation: 7 It looked very fresh and i liked the way the cucumber was cut and placed..like feathers. There was no sticks however so have to mark it down.

Overall: 9 This is a great jug to share with your friends and for only £15 each you get your moneys worth with the strength. Great place; service is on point and they have those courgette chip things nom nom nom.

Well done Design My Night you have my trust. 

o that one Pimm’s that i swore to jess turned into this…image

Then some rose…yeh i had the worst hangover on the hottest day of the year.

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