*PIMM’S REVIEW* The Fentiman Arms, Vauxhall.

Pete and Joe invited me for dinner to say thank you for cleaning up the kitchen and garden for the first time in 6 months. I wasn’t going to but my plates started to stick to the microwave plate so I thought, probably time to grab that thing called Flash.

It was quiz night at The Fentiman Arms. I warned them that pub quizzes are not one of my many skills (seriously a pub quiz master took my answers home once as he thought it was that bad it was funny…)

I only had about 4 hours sleep in me and my body was crashing after a long gin and tonic session but HEY It can still be Pimm’s o clock, can’t it?

Fruit content: 6 It was cute, nice bit of greens and oranges but missing my personal favourites which you know are strawberries and apples.  I like the cuts and the amount though.

Strength: 7.5 so-so balance but the lemonade was nice and fizzy!

Glass: 5 I don’t know what to make of Pimm’s in a tumbler as you can’t get as much fruit in and as you can imagine it went down fairly quickly.

Presentation: 6 There wasn’t anything going- it didn’t look bad but there was no special Pimm’s attributes to this one.

Overall: 6 it wasn’t a bad tasting Pimm’s but I know how I like mine and this didn’t tick all the boxes unfortunately. Great if you want a light pre drink.

no we didn’t win the pub quiz.

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