*PIMM’S REVIEW* The Polo Lounge, Mayfair

As you know from my post earlier on in the week I was treated to a bit of the high life over the weekend, thanks to a mouse. (who is now called Stuart)

Well I had to see how the Mayfairions have their Pimm’s so here we go:

Fruit content: 6.5 Though the green apple is a particular favourite and it was cut up delicately (probably by a gold knife) there wasn’t strawberries and the rest of fruit was very limited.

Strength: 6 too much money. too much ice.. I can practically see the window crystals through my glass. (pfft.)

Glass 7 it’s ok size I guess but it’s not for my Pimm’s.

Presentation: 7 Like I said the fruit was fresh and cut up in a very fine manner, apart from that there was nothing that made it stand out from the rest. The little plastic stick may look nice but not very practical when trying to dig for apples.

Overall: 5 Sad times for Mayfair, but local pubs have given me more impressive cups for half the price. If you do go I recommend their Mojito.. or their Pimm’s cocktail which is Gin, Pimm’s and kiwi which was a nice twist.

right I’ll go back to the other side of the river now…

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