Could you replace PIMM’S with Tesco’s JEEVES?!

The local people of the Reading area would know that summer is not complete without the Wargrave regatta. You can kinda look at it as the family version of Henley. In some way I prefer it as you don’t need to plan an inappropriate outfit and back brush your hair (too much)


(see what I mean about family?)

The idea is instead of actual rowers,  family and friends of all ages take part to race down the river.

Some it’s just for fun.

Others, it’s a suburban war where yummy mummy’s are determined to get their own backs over a long awaited grudge since losing the parents sports day race.

On our way, it was only right to grab some Pimm’s. We picked up a £16 1L Pimm’s bottle from Tescos.

However, whilst were walking to the checkout, we saw Jeeves…

This is supposbly the Tesco’s version of our favourite summertime liquid. I picked it up.. is it too risky? a betrayal? Then I saw £7 floating above and well my loyalty went- I put down the Pimm’s (and grabbed two bottles of the cheap stuff)

We found a perfect spot on the grass that allowed us to see the finish line clearly. What we didn’t think about is the competitive parents who were going to stand over us screaming “GO ON HUGO!!!” whilst poor ten year old Hugo paddled 10 metres behind the kid that always wins.


Back to Jeeves.


(hero shot)

I examined the bottle’s label which pictured  two women having a gossip whilst a fat faced Tim Henman sits on the side checking them out.

Now for judgement day..

It Smelt like Pimm’s, looked like Pimm’s and…minus the slight cheap tang at the end it tasted like the stuff!

By the time I was on my second cup I couldn’t tell the difference at all.


so..what I am going to say is as much as it’s like ditching the hot guy for his slightly nerdier, weaker cousin after a few drinks they both do the trick.

overall rating 8.5/10

We did get through it fairly easy in the sun, so when I saw this…


I had to double check myself.

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