*PIMM’S REVIEW* UK vs USA The River Cafe

Haters said it was impossible

They all tried to convince me: “it’s only a British thing”

Someone even stated “I met an American who had no idea what it was.”


I proved them all wrong…


and I proved them wrong in style.

Yes it had been a whole 24 hours in the USA and I had no luck. My hopes were quickly getting dashed with one sangria replacement at a time…


However, we had just finished our lunch at this fancy place called The River Cafe in Brooklyn to celebrate my Dad’s 30th birthday.

I was on my way out to the terrace to have my final gin cocktail when I saw the red, white and brown combination.

I turned to look closely and it was confirmed.. once again the British has found it’s way to the “land of the free.”

I lent over the bar..

“Excuse me, what is your name?”


“Jay, you are representing your country, the battle of USA and Uk lies on your shoulders….could you make me a Pimm’s please?”

So this is what Jay did…


Fruit content: 8.5 All fresh lemon, mint, orange and cucumber. yes I know what you are thinking.. no strawberry or apple but…

Strength: 9 he mixed it with ginger ale making the combination suit well. He was generous with the Pimm’s (probably because it hasn’t been used in a few years)

Glass  10 This glass makes me feel like home, I always put mine in a wide wine glass (it makes me feel more elegant) It’s a great size and fruit doesn’t get shoved to the bottom.

Presentation: 10 perfect. can you see that cucumber cut and bent over the top? what a beautiful touch. The cocktail stick was then used for fruit picking. Brillant.

Overall: 9.5 Jay succeeded.  I am sorry Brits but this beats a lot or is equal to a lot of Pimm’s i have drank so far. The effort and love that was made in this cocktail is something we could learn from.

Could someone out do the americans before the end of our summer?

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