Mary Lou’s first blogging party…

Yar I have made it.
Bow down
Everything I touch turns to gold.

My first blogging party!

and all in the aid of a very important event scotland’s vote, London fashion week…!!  I tapped my £8 St Ives boating shoes in excitement.

Look magazine was going to be there, model scouters.. Wow this is going to be the place to be (on a Wednesday night in Wandsworth)

So two questions what do I wear and who do i invite.

The dress code said: ” dress to impress…”

The panic began but after many outfit changes i got my look..i was going for the “I will happily buy an outfit over a bottle of wine and charcuterie kind of vibe. ”

I ended up wearing something as if i was the one left behind at the 80s..

but there you go. Now who to accompany me?

Well so many lovely girls but I knew one girl who would appreciate the art of clothes, Sophie! This girl knows her stuff and so even though dragging her from Baker Street to Wandsworth I made sure she knew I was a blogger invited to a London Fashion Week party (#LFW) and we were very special people.

I proudly prepared my arrival with a tweet in the afternoon and ran onto the train. We got  our cab from Putney East and then….

pulled up to an empty pub looking venue.

“O darling this is a garden party all the peeps will be at the back” I said (nervous laugh)

We walked In to find three post-work people (as in retired)
One or two girls in a those chunky boots with a floaty dress and backpacks.

We peered out into the garden two men with those shoreditch beards were playing ping pong. I turned to Sophie


Thankfully this girl is a cocktail lover like myself so we happily indulged in our first gin cocktail.

I have to say The Grand Union Bar do make some pretty mean cocktails and the venue had a warm atmosphere to it, which saved my ass slightly as it soon came apparent everybody was a no show….

My phone buzzed to confirm this, there was a “heads up this party is a dud email waiting for me in my inbox” from the lovely lady who invited me. I popped my phone into my bag, smiled at Sophie and ordered her a strong drink…

I am writing this now on the train home. This whole experience reminded me of that Halloween night when I was twelve. My mum had persuaded me and my friend Rebecca to stay and give out sweets to young trick or treaters now we were grown ups. We dressed up to the mill, brought all the sweets we could find and waited…not one knock on our door.

We ended up spending our night watching Emmerdale in my lounge, She was in a witches costume and blacked out eyes from Mum’s make up, me with a bed sheet over oneself in a effort to do “the ghost”.

So you win some you lose some, heck i can’t do fashion anyway. (I am brushing it off my 80s shoulder pad as I type )

Silver lining moment Soph and I found a place that does a nice raspberry gin cocktail.. (and let’s face it, that’s what I do best anyway)

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