Another Mummy and Mary Lou Party

When my mum first told me her BAE was an artist from St Ives I had a vision in my head of a hairy pot head who will talk about “being moved” by the sardine relationship with the sea.

I was very relieved that he was actually a normal bloke that doesn’t smoke weed, has normal amount of hair and doesn’t actually get “moved by things” especially sardines.

Anyway it was Rich’s opening night  at the millennium gallery and I got a well deserved VVIP ticket to it.

I was looking forward to it,as his work is pretty cool. if you have to inject testosterone into the art world this is how you do it.

It’s all involves burning and drilling stuff none of this oil painting the harbour malarky.

(that’s a none arty person way to describe it anyway)

mum and I had made ourselves the official after party planners to which we promise Rich we won’t go over board as according to him that’s not what they “do down here”.

We decided on doing a fully equipped  gin bar which had various gins, mixers and fruit.

Unfortunately we had a serious case of UIOS (under influence online shopping) we ended up with over 150 different tonic waters from canned, bottled, slim line, normal, Schweppes, fever tree…etc

We needed to feed his friends as what was a party without food so mummy ordered cheese from France and I did a Pinterst inspired charcuterie bar.

A mummy and mine stamp of a party is to always have a novelty food or entertainment (and we couldn’t possibly miss this out as I promised my good friend Chrissy this party will be no exception, despite what Rich says)

from Johnny Depp for a Christmas party..

penguin ice sculptures…

my watermelon shark from the summer garden party

or the chickens at easter…

o and these show stopping penguins made an appearance during a dinner party last year.

( they didn’t turn out like the photos…)

After walking past a sweetie shop on the wharf we were inspired to do a sweet bar…

so the guests entered and were greeted with bowls of marshmallows, perfectly placed coloured coordinated Haribo and club inspired- lolly pops in the loo.

we realised we may have gone over board again.

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