*PIMM’S REVIEW* Porthminster vs Porthmeor, St Ives.

You may think St Ives is all about the cornish pasty and yes you can’t walk a meter onto the harbour without seeing a waddling pasty lover munching away. However, St Ives is a secret gem for restaurants that the serious foodie would fall weak to.

I am so pleased Mum lives here and not somewhere like…Slough, no offence.

It was Sunday, the sun was shining  and Mum was asking me what I wanted to do.

She knew what I wanted to do.

I want to drink Rose by the beach and moan about how men are, in her words; “silly sausages.”


So this is what we did. We both knew where to go: The Porthminster cafe. This place has made it in my top ten restaurants in the world for a number of reasons

1. The view of course.


2. it serves the greatest drink: Provence Minuty Rose AKA the one in the Kelly Brooke bottle.  (sophistication is my downfall)


3. the menu is exciting yet straight forward. (it does make the best ceaser salad as well)




4. The service is tip top but that may be down to my online booking status from a couple of years back.


5. It brought this into my life .. Pimm’s dessert. This is my #1 dessert of all time.


Strawberry bavarois, Pimms lemonade jelly, apple and cucumber sorbet, mint ice-cream, candied orange and summer berry sherbet.  

who ever invented this needs to be knighted.

It also does actual Pimm’s….


(serious tasting face in motion)

Fruit content: 7.5 great mix of strawberries, cucumber and mint. However slightly let down on the lack of variety and no apple sadly.

Strength: 9 good balance, strong enough and the lemonade was fresh!

Glass : 4 no! I don’t like these glasses. too thin, tall and dull.

Presentation: 8 It is playing safe but very neat and I like the use of the mint leaf.  However, they don’t have a stick!

Overall: 7.  The glass does bother me slightly. However it’s a great Pimm’s, stuck to the rules but they need to shake some fun into it.


On the other side of the town is the Porthmeor cafe which over looks the surfer beach. It serves anything from Tapas plates to your good old Steak.  We went for some olives and a jug of Pimm’s and watched all the beautiful surfers that have been cramming up my Tinder whilst I have been down.



Fruit content: 8 Similar issue with the no apple thing but they did include some citrus. Nicely cut up as well.

Strength: 9 Great balance and lemonade was perfectly fizzy.

Glass: 8.5 YES! you know how much I love Pimm’s in a wine glass. The Jug was very classy too, but it’s very small and won’t be much good to share with more than two people.

Presentation: 7 I know it’s hard to decorate a jug so they did a good job. However if it had more fruit cut up correctly it would have looked prettier. I like the spoon with the jug, because there is nothing worse then someone fingering your strawberry when splitting your Pimm’s.

Overall: 8.5 This was a lovely jug to split with the lady who gave me life. (the point five is down to the surfer eye candy that made those strawberries that bit sweeter)

There you have it, though the Porthminster is a favourite of mine the Porthmeor won the Pimm’s battle.

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