*Summer Pimm’s Winners of 2014*

Today was the day.

I ordered a Pimm’s just to receive a dirty look from the bar man as if I had  just walked in dressed ready for the beach.

“Isn’t it a bit late in the year for Pimm’s?”

my soul sank as the autumn leaves blew past the pub window through Charlotte Place.

 This is truly the end of the summer season.

Not one to be caught out of season (like Victoria Beckham but with err sweet alcoholic drinks) I have to except and move on but;

this only means one thing: who won the first summer Pimm’s review?

I have tried from Central, South, East London, Marylebone, NYC, Polo matches, Oxfordshire, Cornwall plus more..

and the winner has to be joint between:

 Overall Winner(s):

                             * Chequers at Burcot Oxfordshire  *


                                      *The River Cafe, Brookyln * 

London winner:

                                          *Newman Street Tavern *


                                             * Mahiki Tent, the polo *

Like a bag to an outfit there is always a drink to the season.

From now on I will be reviewing my Sunday winter drink, Bloody Mary


So long summer..you have been fab.

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