*BLOODY MARY REVIEW* The Clapham North, Clapham

My brother Jack rang me asking if I was available for lunch in twenty minutes at Clapham North.

He’s one of those trained killer para types  so I said yes.

The Clapham North is the place for your “twenties scene people”

in fact is it just me or has every popular kid that you knew from school now living in Clapham?

Never the less, It’s great venue for any sort of occasion and if you are ever in the area it’s worth checking out.

Anyway I went in and there and there was a Spurs match showing, to which I thought Jack had pulled a fast one but turns out he hadn’t arrived yet.

So off I went to the bar to order a pre-bro lunch drink.

There stood a ready made Bloody Mary  on display like a signal from the man upstairs: “Remember your purpose Mary (that you gave yourself)

so I ordered my first Bloody Mary of the season:


Food content 7

fresh celery, a suitable sliced lemon. They missed out my olive but replaced it with a nice cherry tomato which suits the environment.

tomato juice/vodka 9

We had a good balance here and was very fresh!

spice 8.5

i broke a sweat drinking this, which is the ultimate test of if it’s a good bloody mary. I don’t like it unbearable but a bit a sweat means it’s doing it’s job.

glass 9

I loved this little jar. Very cool! It also was just the right amount for my mood that day.

presentation 8

I like the colors of this bloody mary and the way the veg/fruit have been sliced up. They also included the straws which is a must.

Overall 9

great style and love the flavor. It’s important when presenting a bloody mary for it to reflect your place with quality and i believe this does just that.


To conclude my meal with Jack, I waited .. and waited got slightly bored so ordered another drink. Looked over the menu for something carb free.

Then he finally showed an hour later, with the excuse of traffic.

We finally caught up and like always his work makes my job seem childish.

His week consisted of having petrol bombs lobbed at him for practice.

This is me at work-


I filmed with a robot


….named Artie.


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