How To Fit Into A New Family

I was kindly invited by Jess’s family to spend a few days with them in Henley.  My last impression I gave was slurring by the fridge demanding more wine after Henley regatta,  so I was ecstatic (and a little surprised) they invited me back to their home.

I know entering new homes and families can be a bit daunting but here is how I did it:

Get on with the “super cool” mummy.

I knew she was my kind of lady. She texted us saying she is stocking up the bar in time for our arrival. When I arrived at Jess’s family home, a petite lady with Nike Air trainers rocking the pixie cut showed us to the bar.

This is Mummy Jude.

The family bar  contained wonders like cinnamon gold flaked vodka, Gordon’s, Baileys, Prosecco.. and all the soft drinks you can imagine to keep a mixologist happy.


The bar is  christened: Juuude’s. It’s the new speakeasy of Henley.

Jude invited me to a gig with her at The Garage that Saturday night to watch this band she has been listening to: The Art Of Amputation.

How cool…how cool.

(my mum’s reaction when I told her: “But your MY daughter!” )

Play with Their Pets

This is Raphael, aka “Raffie”, “Little Lord Raphelroy” but I call him Boss Cat


We love boss cat.


Make Peace not war

I don’t have a sister, but Jess does. They will argue over little things like Sophia’s quinoa and why it “does/does not suck”.


Gilmore girls brings them together, the the fluffy socks come on, the blanket is over all of us and we are in for two hours watching an american mum and daughter having problems at private school.


(if you haven’t seen it before I HIGHLY recommend it)

Do a “thank you for having me” dinner party.

They all like The Apprentice which can only mean one thing : an Apprentice dinner party.

The rule: everyone must wear a tie whilst watching the apprentice.


The food: Nick Hewer ‘s “Chicken Skewers”


The Ginger Bread Board Room




2x Battenberg (the table)

1x large bar of chocolate (Stick it all together)

1x bag of large marshmellows (the seats!)

12 x small gingerbread men (apprentices, karen and nick)

1 x larger gingerbread man (lord sugar)

those food icing pens


By Saturday night, I was at The Garage dancing along to the Art Of Amputation. with Jess’s mum, Jess’s sister, Jess’s boyfriend and no Jess.

mission completed. 


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