Buy your Chicken from Balham and leave the Oysters in Brixton

After eating a gingerbread Apprentice board room, Jess and I agreed on having a healthy* fortnight

*healthy means only gin/vodka no wine/beer and your usual cut carbs, sugar  blah blah blah…

This was so we can enjoy Christmas with every lindt reindeer + rosé combination that comes our way.

First week went very well then last weekend happened.  The house that I share with three Fifa addicts were planning a Saturday night out in Brixton followed by a Sunday roast.

Good job for me I won a Chadwicks Butcher’s twitter competition earlier that week…


..EmPIE State Building.

Thank you

I collected my Chadwicks mug and chicken from Balham on Saturday afternoon. (Which I have tried and tested before and no doubt my favourite chicken to roast)

I was over the moon about my new mug

imageAs I was getting particularly annoyed about having to use this one.


Back to Saturday night, half the house went to the rugby leaving Pete, his friend and I to go to dinner in Brixton.

We explored the kooky dinner land of Brixton Market..full of hipster pouring out of tiny rooms selling stacked up burgers and cheap colourful cocktails.

I saw this oyster bar and got excited.


I brought a round for the group and we all slipped them down.

Little did we know we were going to seriously regret this decision monday morning.

But for now it was like the beach (or Sheeky’s ) was in South London.

We went for our main at a Brazilian restaurant.

..and maybe there was wine.

Followed by a sneaky cocktail at Seven afterwards which I had this ginger beer and basil Mojito.


From there we met up with the rest of the house at Electric Social, I didn’t end the night with grace apparently.

I think I was dancing* then I don’t remember much else.

*looking like an agitated horse trying to jump out of a box with a sexy stare. 

Sunday noon we all slowly got up and started on the roast


Dan and Louise played head chefs but I took charge of the Chadwicks chicken which I proudly poured my olive oil, rock salt and rosemary over.  This is what i will take to a desert island.

Anyway after a lot of cooking,

A Mary’s  pre-dinner winter Pimm’s


and a small fire later..


this was the good british roast:


and yes maybe there was wine

and pudding..


It was all so so so good and will recommend our weekend to anyone.

minus the oyster choice..

I woke up Monday morning feeling very ill, Pete came home from work early feeling the same and then his friend  was even worse.

the only common denominator was my round of oysters.

Moral of the story:

Buy your Chicken from Balham and leave the Oysters in Brixton

get your Chadwick’s Chicken online:

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