Singing Teens In Suits and Tequila


I went to see the King’s College School production; “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” Jess was working on it as a Make Up Artist.

I remember the productions when i was at school.  “The Boyfriend” in particular. Nothing like mix dressing, highly hormonal girls who don’t get out much.


King’s College School production however was incredible (that’s not the free wine talking that Max and I were taking advantage of.)

Little life hack: if you need some good sandwiches and a drink go to a private school event. The Oratory School has a particularly good spread…

These kids were singing, dancing and acting like West End pros. The main guy was this little dude in a suit singing how he is going to take over the company. Then all the girls came out to the song “ The Secretary Is Not A Toy.”  Brilliant!

When I have a kid I am going to train it to be as talented as them!



Sometimes shit stuff happens to you. I spent three and half hours in the hair salon The Witches Hut, Clapham then had nothing planned for the evening.  I end up watching X-factor in pyjamas with a styled blow dry feeling the whole world has gone out apart from me.


PLAN: Be pretentious: take my camera, walk to Chelsea Christmas fair and buy all my christmas presents.

REALITY: I went on a Tequila bar crawl around Clapham with the Dan and Pete (flat mates/Fifa Posse)

I guess Dad will have to wait another year for a flatten gin bottle shaped as a clock

The crawl started at Rodizio Brazil, I ordered a Bloody Mary, the waiter said they were missing a main ingredient.


no…the Worcestershire sauce, so I am not going to rate them. (there will be one coming soon promise..!)

Dan was feeling particularly Tequila-ry and the next thing I knew there were a few coming our way, despite the disapproving face of the waiter.


The food situation is great £10 unlimited veg/salad buffet then they come out with three different meats on a skewer:

  1. A sausage that looked like a failed one night stand
  2. Juicy chicken thigh
  3. Slice of steak.


No, it’s not the most gracious thing to eat, and Dan soon learnt I am not the most sophisticated eater as he pointed out the bits of broccoli on my face.

we had another tequila and moved on to the Alexandra Pub, where Pete joined us. He is currently studying for an exam at the moment so it was our duty to make sure he got wrecked, so a few more shots were ordered.

By this point we were being very honest with each other Dan said my room was as messy as my eating. I had no come back because he’s one of the cleanest guys in London.


Yes that might be a sneaky pint of Pimm’s…shh.

Honky Tonk came next as it was Happy Hour. They served this coffee tequila in a cute little jar which well seemed a great idea at the time.


Last thing we knew the table was covered in mojitos and it was a sunday night, Monday was horrible.


Worst thing, I don’t even like tequila

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