*BLOODY MARY REVIEW* Ginger Pig Cafe, Old Street

Pete finally finished his exam yesterday so we went out for a meal and a cocktail crawl to celebrate. A lot of thought went in to where to go (we were considering Little Social then i realised I had no money) but we agreed on East London in the end.  Pete wanted to show me a place called the Ginger Pig Cafe which is a little walk from Old Street.

wow what a find! It was a cute little venue lit by table candle light and the food was incredible:


Just look at my casually ordered quail..


it was about time to do an East london Bloody Mary, so here we go:


Food content 9

Yes! everything I need, my celery, a slice of lemon and blow me over backwards we have two olives.

Tomato Juice/Vodka 8

I felt a  buzz from the vodka which is a good sign, tomato juice was good enough though a little watery.

Spice 9

Pretty much spot on, Pete agreed the spice was just the right amount. If I was being really fussy I could add a little more worcester sauce.

Glass 9

O they hit me with the jar! (not literally) you all know how I like my little jars.. Only problem is it’s too small of a hole to eat the olives without anyone noticing you have your hand in your drink.

Presentation 9.5

I love how the olives played a balancing act on the stick, very exciting stuff.  They also included my lemon matching colored straw.

Overall 9.5 

O Ginger Pig Cafe, you have done East london proud! I can’t wait to go back and have a bloody mary with a brunch! On top of this it only cost £5…

Best score so far!

The rest of the crawl was a kind of Alice in Wonderland experience with jars of popcorn and toys.


the first place we entered walking down a spiral staircase lit by blue fairy lights and well it was all a little “out there” I had an action man doll staring at me from across the bar..it was the most attention i got all night.We were given  some popcorn and a very fun looking cocktail menu..



I tried this orange vodka DIY cocktail whilst Pete opted for and A christmassy lamp thing.  it was quite an expensive bill…we felt there was a lot of ice content in our drinks but they gave us some Haribo so all is well.

We walked (Stumbled) over to Lounge Lover, we didn’t really fit in as Pete had no beard and I wasn’t wearing those big black boots.

Both  big fans of dark chocolate ordered this ‘Black Mamba’ which is basically strawberry dark chocolate vodka. It made me feel a bit sick especially after the Haribo…


East crawl completed


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