*Bloody Mary Reviews* West End, Bloody Mary Show Down Part I

I have been a bit naughty and have had a Bloody Mary binge around the West End so I am going to do this in two parts…

Part 1: Langan’s Brasserie , Novikov 

Part 2 Pollen Street Social, 34, Harvey Nichols

Langan’s Brasserie


I LOVE Langan’s!! I have been going there for two years now and it’s  one of my favourite restaurants. If you haven’t been here before and enjoy a good old british Dr-unch then you need to go.

I crave their soufflé starter it is to die for.


You can’t help but be taken in with the atmosphere of the place, It’s packed with your business busting belly lunches that drag for the whole day and the local families that have been going there since the 80s.


So the Bloody Mary


Food content 4 

Unfortunately there was no fuss taken. I was given a slice of lemon and a lime, not a big fan of lime with a bloody mary.

Tomato Juice/Vodka 7 

the quality was there,though slightly too much ice for my taste.

Spice 8

There was noticeable spice and it added a nice rich flavour to it to it.

Glass 4 

Ah tall thin glasses. Sorry to say I like a little more fun then that.

Presentation 4

there really wasn’t any presentation, though I had a straw which is something but that’s me grasping at straws… (..get it?)

Overall 5

I hate to say it but the bloody mary didn’t live up to scratch for £12.50 which is a massive shame as the restaurant is brilliant. I still will make everyone go but perhaps stick to their wine list..


By the time I got here my head was bouncing around, I have only been here once and it’s not really my scene. There is a lot of flash flash bling bling and relationships that don’t seemed to be based on love.

Anyway here is what they like to call A BLOODY HELL MARY


Food content 8.5

The celery cut in an arty way and two cherry tomatoes so I was more then pleased with that combination.

Tomato Juice/Vodka 8 

It was a good ratio between the two and I like the taste of the infused ginger as well.

Spice 7 

The spice was present and did the job..perhaps a little too heavy for me.

Glass 5

WO ok so this is different!  I am always up for creative thinking. However I didn’t  enjoy drinking out of an old alphabet tin…

Presentation 8 

it’s slightly let down as it’s in a tin but I like the way the food is presented and we have a straw!

Overall 7.5

I do think they have done a very nice version of a bloody mary and there is a lot of thought behind it but I won’t pay £14 for it again.

So the night took an interesting twist when we detoured in a late night walk and stumbled across a club. The bouncer was talking to a group of women so we stumbled in.

We made our way to the dance floor of this tiny bar/club but then were being served all these free cocktails and top nosh canapés…I

looked up and we were surrounded by oddly dressed men and women who were not taking advantage of the free canapés or dancing around drunkenly. I could only assume it was something in the fashion industry. Nobody spoke to us so we happily stayed there till it ended, then walked out to a bunch of Paparazzi.

Goodness knows where we were but can’t beat a good freebie party

West End Bloody Mary Show Down Part II coming soon…


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