*BLOODY MARY REVIEWS* West End Show Down Part II

Lucky for you guys I drink a lot in the christmas season so you will all be experts on Bloody Mary by the New Year…

Pollen Street Social

I have always wanted to go here, I was feeling very hungover as I slumped myself down at the bar. It was very fancy, one of those bars you have a lil hook for your bag and all. I didn’t even have to hook it as the waiter did it for me… ANYWAY I ordered my bloody mary…





Food content  8

O yes I know there is no olives but cherry tomatoes seem to be a trend and I don’t mind that.

Tomato Juice/Vodka 9.5

The bar guy really made an effort, maybe because I was watching him like a hawk. It was being poured up and down and swished about. You could really tell in the taste! i like a guy that can throw it all about…

Spice 8

The spice was there and really helped my hangover so good job!

Glass 6

Shame about the glass but i suppose it’s a sophisticated bar so a jar may not have suited the situation.

Presentation 8.5

A straw was present love my little wooden stick and another good balancing act on the cherry tomatoes and the celery.

Overall 8.5

Yes very good score for pollen street, a lot of effort went into this and what lovely surroundings.  I was sat next to a man who was talking like he was in a Made In Chelsea scene throughout and was watching all this amazing food being delivered to blonde furry women. I take full credit for starting the bloody mary trend that morning everyone seem to be ordering one after moi! 



We walked over to 34, Mayfair is looking lovely this christmas. well done Mayfair decorators..especially like this light thing on Scotts… most restaurants like Cafe Rouge drag out the old plastic tree for xmas but o no not Scott’s…


We ended up going to Scott’s sister restaurant 34 which is a more meaty then fishy.

The people however remain the same, women with big dresses and perfect up dos and wealthy business men roffling* over another fine year.

*when men with deep, posh voices are talking and eating at the same time.



Food content  9

another cherry tomato, celery and a gherkin!! i like the gherkin. very smooth.

Tomato Juice/Vodka 9.5

It was so fresh and cold it was the most refreshing bloody mary yet. The gherkin gave off a lovely taste as well.

Spice 8

I could have done with slightly more spice but that’s me being picky.

Glass 9

I love this silver mug. Not only did it make me look sophisticated it also kept the drink cool. If anything wrong then I would say a little bigger…!

Presentation 8

Another stick balancing act and all cut up beautifully.

Overall 9

Yes great contender, I am not a fan of ice in bloody mary’s so I love the fact it was so refreshing. I also love the gherkin taste. The problem with 34 is that it’s quite squished up so you end up hearing the roffling of everyone. the couple next to us were not talking to each other so that was slightly awkward, she was a tiny little thing and ordered a steak that was larger then her head…

Harvey Nicholas

I went to buy some edible gold stars from the food floor in Harvey Nicholas. I love that floor, they have things that you really need in life like these christmas shaped biscuits that will fit on your tea mug…



It would be rude not to include Harvey into my show down so here we go:


Food content  7

Ok so the lemon is too big as nice as it looks..No olives (or cherry tomatoes) But i like the mint leaf..

Tomato Juice/Vodka 8

nice thick tomatoes juice, a bit too much ice though.

Spice 9

Oo this was a good lively one, I love the seasoning around the top, it gave the drink a great kick.

Glass 7

Great size however nothing special about the glass.

Presentation 9

I really like the presentation for this one, it just looks so fresh and colourful. The seasoning and the mint leaf is a beautiful touch.

Overall 8



I thought this was a great lunch time bloody mary! Like I said it was very fresh and once again a lot of effort went into it. The caesar salad was a bit naked (where’s my anchovies!?) and the chicken was dry which was a shame.

So there you have it a little West End show down of Bloody Mary’s. I would have to say 34 or Pollen Street’s  bloody mary is a good place to start then wonder to Langan’s for your soufflé…

one more time…




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