OI LONDON! I have finally had an HONEST BURGER.

It was midday on Saturday and Heston, Nigella and Nigel had all kindly showed me how cook a turkey as I lay in the dark with a banging head.  Nigella looked so fresh as she stuffed her meat. I wish I was Nigella.

Dan walks in with a disapproved look (partly because my room was still a mess…)

“you did it again…”

he’s referring to my drinking behavior. The problem is I can drink and drink and sounds, look and feel great but then I suddenly “fall off a cliff.” It comes out of nowhere and looks like this:



(a kind of confused, space out and had no sleep for days vibe)

It was a Friday night  where the red wine was flowing. I was excited by the fact we had female company, not only this but she was teacher! Obviously i took the opportunity to ask what actually happens in the staff room, her school didn’t have one…what kind of school is this?!

The night carried on with Spotify and our new flat game; Cards Against Humanity.


After 1am I fell off the cliff and now laying in bed regretting all of it still wishing I was Nigella. Pete walked in and wanted food, this is where the decision was made to go to Honest Burger.

I have heard about Honest Burger all year, it’s meant to be the best burgers in London. I don’t normally eat burgers (F.C.F – female carb fear) so I have never been that fussed. However, the fact I have never been has made me feel like an outsider. I stay awake scared that soon I will be ridiculed stripped and banished from the city if I did not try The Honest burger

a couple of quotes from our journey to Brixton Market

“once you have this burger you can’t eat any other burger…!”

“I am excited for you to be entering this world”

We were greeted by a hipster man with a beard (of course) and an IPad. He claims it will be 30 minuets wait and will text us when our seat is ready..

This better be good.

After 40 minuets our text came through and we got squished round a tiny table. Dan and I were practically sitting on each other.


This better be very very good.

I wanted the chicken burger but …

“NO! It has to be The Honest…” They screamed



We ordered some mulled speciality- at the moment I am ordering anything with mulled in front of it to make the most of the christmas season.


The burger arrived along with the biggest onion rings I have ever seen.

I nibbled on the rosemary chips, and then started on the burger…


i took a bite whilst Pete and Dan watched for a reaction… it was that moment that I did have to question sex or food.


look at it. The juicy thick beef, bacon, red onion,picked cucumber. mature cheese, the soft doughy bun all working as team to succeed satisfaction. It won.


It has been way over a year since I have had a proper burger but this was worth waiting for. Now I can sleep soundly knowing I now can say

I have been to Honest.

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