*BLOODY MARY REVIEW* -The Botanist, Chelsea

I don’t know about you but the January detox is going very well.


Joking. Of course.  clever me decided to get an internship in a food PR company who ended up taking us on a 7 course taster menu with plates like these…


then followed by a 50th tea party with stands like these…


The summer body is an Everest climb away…literally.

Sunday came around and we had a family meal in a restaurant called The Botanist...It’s a open, corner restaurant/bar in Chelsea where teeny women go to have dover sole and side parted men chew on roast beef.

My family were having a very intelligent discussion sparked by my parsnip soup order:

 ”Would you rather soup or sex?”

um well sex…but soup is on the menu and sex is…well… not.”

 ”I would have souper sex…”

and it was that punch line delivered by my dear dad resorted to this Bloody Mary:


Food content  10

Well I was spoilt for choice. a Olive, cucumber, gherkin, celery and a lemon. It was like a little garden and all so fresh as well. Bravo!

Tomato Juice/Vodka 8.5

It had a fantastic, rich taste and I got a great vodka vibe.

Spice 7

There was a lot of flavor going on but I could do with a bit more spice. (especially as I had been sleeping in a bunk bed in a hut the night before)

Glass 6

Ok so it’s not the worst type (those silly long thin ones) but It was still a bit dull “home-like” type.

Presentation 9.5

There has clearly been a lot of thought. All the green made it look so earthy (as it’s suppose to). They got the straw and of course I love the heart shaped stick.

Overall 9

They have thought of everything, it’s a well presented with it’s own unique taste. I know Chelsea is not my first choice of borough but i have to say they do do a jolly good Bloody Mary.


Mixology class this weekend…that’s going to help the detox.

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