A British girl, Bulgarian girl and a French man walks into a bar….MY MIXOLOGY EVENT

Walking down a mysterious road in Old Street and all I saw was a gaggle of couples standing next to a door that was addressed on the voucher.

My bitter single self thought- why is everyone coupled up as if they need to be prepared for the two by two rule for Noah’s ark when the world floods? 

I cracked an awkward joke to a loved up women with her loved up man,  about if we were standing in the middle of the road for giggles or waiting for the same class.

awkward laugh from both sides happened.


Then the door opened and a man with slick black hair (who could have starred in Twilight) welcomed us in to this candle lit bar  and gave out some freshly made cocktails.


There I was single bitter me, 4 couples, Edward Cullen and a strong cocktail.  But then….a Bulgarian girl walks in and like a lion,  I pounced on her- “Are you alone too??”.. she was.

A lonely French man walks into the bar also and before he knew it I had recruited him into my random European cocktail team.


We were shown to our units where there was a collection of spirits, garnishes and  cocktail tools in front of us.


The class was structured by Edward Cullen  informing the history of the cocktail then showing us how it is done-a simple case of monkey see, monkey do. However… from this day forward always respect the bar man because when you shake it up, then try and get the glass out of the flask- life gets difficult.


I would ask the French man to help me out, he was very good.



I was particular jealous of his froth (which is a line I never thought I would say,)



Anyway we were taught a variety of different cocktails and after downing four  in ninety minuets, we were all pretty chirpy.

Edward Cullen then  announced it was time for a competition.

In our tables we had to make up a cocktail from scratch then name and pitch it to the class. we had two sets of couples either side of us but i had faith in our French lad and rightfully so.


we all agreed a gin based cocktail would be best, then some Chambord was added and it had to be in a Martini glass. it was my own appointed job to think of the name of the drink.


…..our five minuets of making the ground breaking cocktail finished. and off i went to present out gin/raspberry/mint/Chambord cocktail to the class…



“This is called…The Boris Johnson because

it taste like good old England however

it’s a bit of a mess..”

we won.


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