The Bloody Mary Botanist Breakfast

Walking around Sloane square at 9:40am on a Tuesday morning and I’ve already had a Bloody Mary.

Now yes this may seem like I have a drink problem, and if I was walking around…Reading then perhaps that would be true, but I was walking around Chelsea so this could only mean pure class.


I had just gone to a full blown breakfast at the Botanist with a group of foodie and London bloggers. These people mean business when it comes to the London food scene: @feedingthecat ,@FoodUrchin, @MattTheList…just to name a few.

I walked in and was greeted by a lovely lady who looked a lot fresher then I did at 8am. I had already been sent the menu before we arrived and my Bloody Mary was to start (after coffee)


A bright eyed blue man, Sean, who was running the table, stood up for a grand announcement:
“A bottle of wine will be given for the best tweet and the best photo by the end of the meal”


There might as well have been Wild West music playing as everyone got out their smart phones- some started pointing them in every angle at the fruit plate others tapping madly at the hash tag..

Then the Bloody Mary arrived...


I have previously rated it as a 9/10


but the way it tasted in the morning it gets an extra .5

Our first plates were served: Egg Royale/Egg Benedict and Eggs Florentine.


Everyone fought for the Royale or Benedict but I was more than happy with my Florentine. it’s like a first class version to my daily brekkie I am having at the moment.

microwaved eggs and dried up spinach leaves….


Don’t laugh.

@londres_101 and I were both relieved to open the egg to find the gooey yolk dripping down the muffin. Eggs are like the Kate Moss of food…just so photogenic.


It was then I looked around to see people haven’t touched their Bloody Mary’s and I had to cover my ears to the Bloody M bashing.

Before I could start a debate the next course had arrived: Sweetcorn Fritters, Roast Vine Tomato, Smoked Streaky Bacon, Baby Spinach w Avocado Salsa.


Minus the bacon this is a vegetarian dream.

The tweeting war was still on (this is a birds eye view photo in motion)


We were next treated to pancakes with maple syrup and blue berries.  Healthy January has officially failed!


It’s all worth it, as the taste reminded me of being in NYC or Shrove Tuesday. Some people were smart enough to leave some of their bacon for this course. I already ate mine. you win some..

FYI people still hadn’t touch their bloomin’ Bloody Marys!


Our lavish breakfast ended with avocado on toast. Avocado is so in trend…. in fact it’s the Benedict Cumberbatch of food.


( I am very excited about my new invention of celebrity/food comparisons)

It tasted so creamy and fresh, I wouldn’t even of thought avocado on bread with lime would be a breakfast option but The Botanist proved me wrong.

Now I didn’t win the wine unfortunately- despite some lovely ‘egg on bed rhyming’ accompanied with a birds eye view of a split egg and yoke peaking through…


no no I am not competitive.

To be fair, I was up against some ‘highly- followed’ people, which in the way I see it- it’s like fighting against a fully evolved Pokemon when you are like a baby Pokemon. Don’t worry if you don’t get that- I am just saying they are better than me.


People slowly left the table- went out of the The Botanist- then commuted far out of Chelsea onto their average working Tuesday, leaving their Bloody Marys behind.

I had to quickly dash off partly because I had to get back to my internship…most of all because I was going to start drinking everyones left overs…

 I have now had lunch and breakfast there. Dinner is left! 

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