Bloody Mary Review- The Jam Tree, Clapham

Ah I do love a bit of Clapham, the large green park, the cute little restaurants. sophisticated cocktail bars and the rugby thighs…

Yes it’s been a while since I strolled down on a Sunday, a Bloody Mary was in order after waking up with a ‘red head’ (a hangover caused by red wine)

I was feeeling a little embarrassed that i haven’t tried the bloody mary menu at The Jam Tree as I have heard so many good things about it. Pete was up for a fry up so off we went…


If you turn up at a bar in Hoxton you will be greeted by a man in beard, turn to a bar in Clapham well you will get a very pretty posh girl. The Jam Tree didn’t fail, a lovely lady showed us to the bar where we began our brunch…


The Bloody Mary menu had so many choices and but I have always wanted to try a Bloody Caesar


Food content 8 Fresh celery and lemon which complimented the flavours well,

Juice/Vodka 9 The flavour was so fresh I love the horseradish hint, tomatoes juice had a great quality to it.

Spice 9 the spice was good it helped the ‘red head’ thats for sure, though I could of used a little more tabasco as it did go down very quickly.

Presentation 8 different….The lemon slice is cool! I haven’t seen the celery split on the glass before- which may make it look a little clumsy. The taste however is very distinctive and the food may of disturbed this. Two good straws and I always like when they have seasoning around the rim.

Overall 9 I would go for this bloody mary again! It went down a treat and only £5!

Time for a bit of food….


This is so Clapham- a fry up trying to be posh by simply being put in a pile in the middle of the plate like so…bless.

Bloody Mary Number 2…Red Snapper. A GIN based one!


Food content 8 same as before Fresh celery and lemon which complimented the flavours well

Juice/GIN 6 Ok maybe I am naive or I should have got a double but I couldn’t really tell the difference from Gin to Vodka? Still taste good though

Spice 9 This bloody mary uses Jamaican everyday spice which does give it a great and unique kick!

Presentation 8.5 The same as the Caesar though i do love the red rim a little more…

Overall 6 don’t get me wrong this is a great bloody mary but I am not convinced gin is the way to go for me…


After this Bloody Mary I was suppose to buy a computer keyboard (My ‘A’ and Backspace stopped working) and go home….but things didn’t go to plan and i may just have another bloody mary review to come…

The night did end in the Clapham North of course


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