*Bloody Mary Review* – Playing it Professional (and failing) at the Hippodrome.

I was dragged kicking and screaming to the Heliot Steak House for a Pommery Champagne pairing meal. Yeh right.

For those who don’t know the Heliot Steak House is based on the balcony of the Hippodrome Casino in Leicester Square.


It was a Wednesday evening and I went along with a group of lovely girls from my internship. I was determined to be professional, I will slowly sip each glass whilst learning about the aromas of the champagne and comment how the ‘oaky ‘ taste compliments my steak.

The problem is, I forgot how much I like the drink and at the reception the wine waiter may as well have been my conjoined-twin with the amount of time he spent by my side topping up my glass.


After awhile we all settled down around a long table. I was sat with my new friend,Farrah (check out her blog, it’s a lot more intelligent then mine) a few ladies from work, Neil a hilarious man with kick ass style and Paul who manages the Hippodrome and loves musicals.

Anyway food is what was needed by this point, so I was over the moon, when a giant plate of smoked salmon and avocado was in front of me.


We had a  Pommery Apanage Prestige NV with the dish. Tanya who was our champagne sommelier for the night explained who what and why we were drinking this certain glass.  I’ll sum it up- it’s light, creamy and that’s grand with fish.

The second dish was THE BIGGEST STEAK EVER!


 With it we had a vintage Pommery Cuvée Louise 1999. I was dancing to Britney’s ‘Baby One More Time’ in the playground when this was produced.

The oaky taste really complimented…. ah forget it. It was lovely.

To finish off was the berry wafer dessert with my favourite type of  champagne… rose champagne. All were very delicious. As you can see….


I made it through the meal without drunk face.  go Mary Lou!


that was not the end….

Our dinner party got invited to a burlesque show…can’t turn that down?

Not only that, in a strange twist of events Jess (remember her? my wild brunette friend) just so happened to be in the casino with her Xboxing friend so they got invited too.


It took awhile for us all to get there as I lent on the lift buttons leaving a slightly annoyed group of people going up and down the building. When we finally got there Jess got me a G and T, my work friends got me a glass of wine and Paul got me a Bloody Mary… All were enjoyed as a women set her nipple tassels on fire. On that note….review time!


Food content  6 Good celery and lemon touch, fresh and cut up nicely. perhaps a nice olive wouldn’t have gone a miss

Tomato Juice/Vodka 8.5 I generally liked the taste of this Bloody Mary, texture and balance was lovely!

Spice 9 I requested spice and it was delivered! Not only that I was given a bottle of Tabasco just in case.

Glass 6 not offensive glass just a solid standard one but nice size.

Presentation 5 it’s got nothing fancy but nothing offensive either. To be honest I wasn’t really looking at the Bloody Mary….


Overall 7 Great tasting, lovely back drop! When or if I go for a spin on a Sunday morning I will be ordering one.

As the show ended, so did my professional persona! Just another Wednesday evening I guess…

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