*BLOODY MARY REVIEW* Mango Tree, Victoria with cousin Dani

One of the coolest people I know is my cousin Dani, not only is she a dancer who can do handstands, but she also moved to Manhatten on her own at 22 to follow her dancing dream  (like something out of Step Up)

(see told you she was cool)

We find ourselves either meeting in Midtown Manhattan or having a few drinks in Victoria. She had a flight back to America and won’t be coming home for another year so I wanted to make her last impression of England a good one!

Unfortunately things didn’t go to plan, starting with the heavy rain that appeared as she got off her seven and half hour bus ride from Newcastle.

We wanted a chilled British bar in-between Victoria and Hyde park, how hard can that be? I had the Balls Brothers planned but it was shut, The Wine bar further up was also closed. (Keep it in mind we are carrying Dani’s suitcases as well)

So we stumbled into the Mango Tree...Thai restaurant. So Dani memories of England will in fact be of Thailand..in the rain.

Onwards and upwards we settled down in the empty bar, the lighting was like a cafeteria , which is not the way to get people wanting to drink! Especially on the Bloody Mary Sunday but we did anyway.

Food content  4  piece of lemon is not really cutting it.

Taste 5 There was so much crushed ice in I couldn’t appreciate the Bloody Mary flavour.

Kick 4 I like a kick but HOLY this was so spicy, it wasn’t pleasant to drink at all!

Glass 6 It’s fairly standard glass, a little bit above average with quality.

Presentation 3 non-existent really but I suppose the lemon was cut on the side

Overall 4
Now if you love spice this is your sort of cocktail, for me there was far too much and  I wasn’t a fan of the amount of crushed ice. However to cool down I had a vodka, soda and lime cordial which I really enjoyed.

Poor Danni as her last experience wasn’t so lovely in England but Hey, at least it may help with the homesickness.  On top of this, she has now landed back into NYC where they do have some of the best bloody mary’s in the world…

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