*Bloody Mary Review* ‘wherefore art thou Bloody Mary’ – The Swan, The Globe

I went to see a Shakespeare play at The Globe…jokes. I heard The Swan Pub attached has really good Bloody Mary… I went to meet with Dad and his lady Pam before they made their way to Brighton, as they are thinking of buying a church to live in… Life will never be boring…

We had a spot of lunch there as well which included this very healthy dish which Shakespeare probably ate himself…


Anyway here we go-

Garnishes (see how I have developed from food content): 8 celery, lemon, olive! Lemon could look fresher..

Taste:9 there was something in this bloody mary which i couldn’t place but liked it. 🙂

Kick: 7 A happy kick, could have done with a little bit more.

Presentation 8.5- two straws. nice. Chunky arse celery and in a lovely long glass and a stick. we all like a stick.

Overall 8.5 great bloody mary and a lovely view as well! Good place to go for a Sunday.

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