‘THE BLOODY MOTHER’- A Bloody Mary Experiment With The Chequers at Burcot

Mother’s day is approaching and you are panicking of what to get her this year. Well let me help you out, she doesn’t want flowers, chocolate or yet another card with that banged up grey teddy on, NO, what she needs is to get tipsy on Bloody Mary’s  (there is a reason Mother’s day falls on a Sunday)

I was thinking one day on the tube where a little kid was screaming ‘it’s’ head off and a mum was frantically calming ‘it’ down why isn’t there a Bloody Mary for the mummies out there-“The Bloody Mother”

chequers of burcot    chequers of burcot

I needed a bar and some people who knew their stuff about mixing and where else better than the winners of last years Pimm’s: The Chequers at Burcot, Oxfordshire. 

If you haven’t been there yet go. I have gone there for years as it’s one of the best in the area! I have done New years, dates, meet the parents, bonding with dad’s girlfriend, ‘staff parties, you name it. They have probably seen my drunk face one too many times and I should be ashamed to go back but Steve’s food and everything around it, is too good not to.

So, one dangerous afternoon they let me hang around their bar like a drunken local, to do some Bloody Mary experimenting.Jade and Chris kicked off showing me The famous Bloody Mary…

chequers of burcotchequers of burcot

chequers of burcot

Then we went on to think how we were going to make a mummy version. Growing up my mum, it was all about the “herb garden”.  There was a big rosemary bush outside our back door which she used often for the sunday roasts.

chequers of burcot

I  have distinctive memories of all the windows with condensation on whilst mum totted around like Nigella Lawson with the smell of rosemary beef and….the football blaring out from the lounge as the men of the family insisted we had the dinner done for half time.  A bit of chauvinism can’t hurt anyone?                                           

                chequers of burcot   

chequers of burcot

So we, well Chris, mixed a bit of rosemary with  a martini based bloody mary using homemade chilli vodka. Once again I didn’t mind trying it out for them. This is a great twist if you want something more elegant. We got slightly excited about the chilli vodka though and well it would certainly cure a hangover. The Rosemary complimented the tomatoes juice fantastically – so when you are next roasting try a rosemary twist to your Mary’s…!

chequers of burcot

(Want to apologise to the date on the right of me, snuggling on the sofa when I was taking this photo-I know the vibe was slightly ruined by my mini photoshoot…sorry. You were a very cute couple though and personally think a second date should go ahead)

Then we ,well Steve and Jade, had a brain wave to use Steve’s tomato soup! Perfect, all mum’s love tomato soup.

O we had fun with this one,  bit less chilli vodka, olives and then Chris pulled out… a jam jar! you know how I am a sucker for a jam jar. This tasted very delicious, quite cosy like a mummy but with vodka! Brilliant!I would give this to my mother any day.

chequers of burcot

By this point we had Mary’s all over the bar…which we were letting a few merry customers to try.  I can certainly say I walked away with a few more “Bloody Mothers” then I bargained for….! Unfortunately I will not be seeing my Mum as she is in St Ives so she may have to just do with a banged up,grey teddy bear card and I’ll be making those Bloody Mothers for myself. Sorry Mum.

chequers of burcot

Go take your mum to try Chequers’ famous Bloody Mary this Mother’s Day (or just go if delicious food, fire places and drinking wine all afternoon is your thing) 01865 407771, www.thechequers-burcot.co.uk

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