*BLOODY MARY REVIEW* – Attending Gin School at Charlotte’s Bistro

I hated school, however Gin school is a whole different story. I was invited by Gary Hazel,blogger and gin distributor to Gin School at Charlotte’s Bistro


Now the rules of Gin School:

  • Class begins every Monday from 6:30pm onwards at Charlotte Bistro, Chiswick
  • Each week the Gin is different
  • It’s a complimentary tasting.


This week we were sampling Daffy’s Gin which is a Gin that is 43.4% (Harry Potter’s 9 3/4 springs to mind) and they use Lebanese mint. They also have this blonde Cher look-a-like on the front..Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 23.38.09

The distiller Chris Molyneaux sat with us to explain the story behind his Daffy’s whilst I sipped on the G& T or in his words D & T (see what he did there).

Then out of nowhere a  little birdy of a head bartender, Fredi Viad, told me they did a good Bloody Mary and well he wasn’t lying.


There is a whole process behind this one-  So what they do is make the main base using: Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, they also include: celery, rosemary, garlic, sea salt, black pepper, cucumber and cherry tomatoes..!  They are all put in a big jar for three months to blend together.SONY DSC

I was able to smell the finished produce on its own and it’s probably way to cheesy  to say it was like the soul of bloody mary but… “It was like the soul of a bloody mary.”

Now for her body they didn’t want to ruin the process by adding some cheap tomato juice so they did some research and found “The Tomato Stall” they grow their tomatoes in the Isle Of Wight, which is supposedly the most perfect climate near by for tomato growing. Anyway, It’s all put together and served to a lucky male or female.

So got all that? Let’s begin..


GaCharlotte Bistrornishes: 9 Rosemary! my new-found love (and mummy will be happy)

Taste: 10 It was so smooth, distinctive with a lot of depth, you can tell the tomato juice was fresh quality produce. Going back to the Schweppes will be like Annie going back to the orphanage.

Kick: 9 I asked for 7/10 for kick and that was what I received/ if I was hung over I would have had it slightly more spicy.

Presentation 9 This was such a cool glass and great size. The way the rosemary was beautiful and the sprinkling on the top was a nice touch.

Overall 10 It has to be one of the best I have tasted so far. One of the main reasons why I review bloody mary’s is that a bar can put as much or as little effort into it and Fredi knew exactly what he wanted and delivered. (the french accent is a bonus)

If Bloody Mary’s are not your thing, because you…I don’t know why, they also have some great cocktails which Gary and I muddled our way through..

SONY DSC             SONY DSC

Anyway behave and go to Gin school!

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