*BLOODY MARY REVIEW* Charlotte Street Hotel, The Mary Who Teased Me.

I have walked past Charlotte Street Hotel many of times on my way to my desk. All I see is glamorous people of Charlotte Street walk up to a door that miraculously opens for them to which they then enter into a fog of trendy/posh.  Now it was my turn.. I skipped up to those doors, they opened and I stepped inside and thought …

….where’s that bloody mary?

I settle down on these low cushion seats in the Oscar bar area. I am surrounded by models, unnecessary sun-glasses, fingers flicking left, right and centre on iPads and suits. lots and lots of suits.

The Bloody Mary was on it’s way and this is what supposedly was coming…

Bacon washed Belvedere vodka, celery bitters, homemade spice mix with tomato juice Garnished with crispy bacon and celery

This is what came….


well it’s like seeing that someone without those beer goggles. 

Garnishes: 3 never mind the fancy bacon part that I was promised- what happened to the basic celery? not cool.

Taste: 8  a rich, unique taste you could tell It was well mixed.

Kick: 6 There was a kick but could have done with a bit more.

Presentation 6 good quality and size but dull, a little heavy which is more down to the lack of iron I have been pumping.

Overall 4 The taste quality was there but I would like to refer to this bloody mary as a tease. Don’t say bacon. and not present bacon. This is not £12s worth as there is no presentation value and too much ice.

Apart from my teasing bloody mary, I had a lovely meal. The menu at Charlotte Street hotel can really go one way to please the ever-flicking iPad fingers of the suits and models: crispy squid, dover sole, 10oz steak, corn fed chicken…you get the picture.

Starter: A very tasty spinach soufflé (don’t worry Langan’s you are still my number one)


Main-  one of my favourite dishes (if done right)- Chicken Caesar Salad. The waitress asked if I wanted bacon. I said yes.

IMG_3846_2I got the bacon.

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