*BLOODY MARY REVIEW* Central & Co, London + Easter Lunch Part I At Aqua!

Man, I piled on the pounds when my parents broke up. Not because I was constantly crying with tubs of Ice cream in front of ‘Parent Trap.’ No, every event that happened I ended up having two meals for everything; christmas, birthdays… and this Easter is no exception. (As Catholics, we do milk the whole ‘Jesus rising from the dead’ as an excuse to get plastered)

So Dad surprised me with a meal out to Aqua, London. One that has been on my bucket list for a while. This place is just off Oxford Street and has a killer bar terrace and if it wasn’t cold, cloudy and the bar was open (so if we were not in England) I can imagine it would be pretty cool…

SONY DSCHere are a few of the dishes I am just going to slyly show off… (you may have to excuse my Dad I was trying to do pretentious photos but he insisted in being in them…hence the fingers below…)





So as you can see it was pretty incredible food, Jesus would be proud.

Before we went to Aqua, Dad’s BAE and I caught up in Central&Co for a pre cocktail she also brought me multicoloured bunny biscuits. damn she knows me well.


But before that all kicked off (I have worked you back till this climactic moment…) I had a BLOODY MARY…


taa- daa

Garnishes: 5 I like a good rim, bit of lemon was nice but something green would have been nice.

Taste: 7  good quality wasn’t anything that stood out.

Kick: 9 Great kick that left a tiny fire in my mouth.

Presentation 8 It looks neat and the rim makes it more exciting. It could be a bit more fun but it’s not offensive.

Overall 7 i would say it is above average, the quality is there and is presentable so can’t complain. However I have seen more creative ones on my crawl.

And that was Easter Part I…

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