Galapagos CRU Kafe Coffee… From Now On My Starbucks Will Forever Suck…


I firmly believe if I drank coffee when I was doing GCSE’s I would have been a genius, but I only got into it when I was 22, so I will have to stay as being that B-C student. However, I am so pleased with myself that I now am a coffee lover (if you live in London you kind of have to) as I got to go and try the new CRU Kafe limited edition coffee from the Galapagos island.



Now I am feeling particular special as this coffee is grown on the Galapagos island (hence) under shade of a forest pavilion and there are only 5,000 bags allowed for worldwide exportation each year.  I walked into that lit up building on the corner near Notting Hill station with and presented with a cup of this magical coffee tried some and thought..well now my daily Starbucks officially sucks. It was intense but o so smooth.

SONY DSC I think she can smell the coffee..

I thought it was just the coffee but CRU Kafe were being naughty and were sending round pretty people with these. It’s 9 in the morning and I am dipping deep-fried cinnamon pastry into chilli & coffee flavoured melted chocolate….


MAN I am so glad I did my downwards dog that morning.


Behind a bcounter was a man making smoothies named Alex, he liked my name so I automatically liked him, we both agreed Alex was a 90s named. After this was all established , he made me a smoothie which was:

Ground almonds

1 frozen banana

Chia seeds

Shot of CRU Kafe espresso

Jax coconut water ( the coolest coconut water out at the moment)


flaunty-action-pouring shot


Now I don’t know if you have ever been to TGI’S but it did bring me back to the day of milkshakes I used to have on my birthday. It was deliciously thick and sweet and the best thing is that  it’s healthy and made me super super alert (as now I  have had two espresso in the space of ten minutes)

Then Alex goes...”O please try my truffles I hand-made them…” I turn around and there they all sat


Damn those little balls of wonders


I tried each one of course’ pistachio, ground almonds and plain. Best one was the plain but like One Direction, they maybe small but I wouldn’t say no to any of them.

I was having a lovely time and amazed how many ways they have sneaked their coffee into naughty places. If only there was a day-time celebrity here to enjoy all of this…



Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 14.12.50

It’s not only Kirstie Allsopp!!!

She is in my list of: ‘celebrities that could have been your mum’

It was a good job the CRU Kafe team gave me a goodie bag to send me on my way (I think they have realised I have taken every freebie going and was in danger of round two..)


CRU Kafe Coffe available on their website

Grab the limited edition Galapagos ones now!

you can also buy it at Harrods, so next time you need a puppy pick some up.

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