Booze, Burger and A Bench – How to Crawl In Clapham Common

Clapham Common is never safe, In the day you have to cover your eyes to avoid beautiful people in very tight sports wear. By the evening you have to cover your eyes from the bar posters that scream cocktail deals.

So it’s dangerous at the best of times but today was Bank Holiday Monday and I had blog buddy Farrah by my side, who had not be exposed to the wonders of Clapham Common yet. So her and I went on a little crawl….

First stop: WC- Wine and Charcuterie 

A particular favourite of mine, who would think an underground public toilet could be so sexy??




WC has managed it, candle lit, dark and fantastic cocktails. (I had the Hendricks and Champagne base one)

On warm summer nights you can sit in their court-yard watching the clapham people (evening runners) with a bottle, some charcuterie  and fairy lights which is bliss in my opinion.


Flat mate Parklife’s no fail first date spot every time of course… (don’t worry I won’t tell them)

Stop 2: Honest Burger (the booking)

Now the real reason I had dragged Farrah to get on two buses to come to The Common was so she could finally try The Honest Burger.

In a true Honest style there was a 25 minutes wait, I gave them my number and we stumbled back out to The Common

Stop 3 : Venn Street Bench

We had a task and that was to say ‘Hi + selfie” to the Venn Street Bench. This bench has a twitter page and somehow I have promised this bench a selfie.

It dawned on me that I have been talking to a bench.

Anyway task done as you can see.


Tweet them a selfie if you are in the area.

Fourth Stop: Be At One.

I love Be At One, the cocktail guys from TGI’S set it up and they have the perfect cocktails for a casual occasion with a great 2-4-1 deal 5-8pm every night! We still had a good twenty minuets to kill so we can slip in a cheeky cocktail. I settled down to my beverage but to the side of us a man in cap kept talking about money and clients to us (blah London blah blah ), so I couldn’t enjoy my pre-honest-cocktail. Londoners… anyway saved by the Honest phone call.

Stop 5: Honest Burger 

“We go hard or go home with Honest, Farrah”

“Guess we do an Honest hard then..”

Two honest cocktails


Two honest burgers



Onion Rings


Apple, beetroot and cabbage coleslaw


I creepily stared at Farrah, whilst she munched on her Honest.



“O MY GOD this is amazing” she oozed whilst juicy meat, melted cheese and rosemary fries danced on her taste buds (Yes I just wrote that)

“I know!”



“Bacon is too smokey”

The audacity of it all.. it’s a good job I love this girl.

Sixth Stop (last one) Back to Be At One

..It would have been The Jam Tree but it was raining and 2-4-1 was on all night so…we finished off our crawl with these beauties.


(with no man in a cap interrupting..thank god. We probably wouldn’t have made much sense anyway)


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