*BLOODY MARY REVIEW* Bentley’s Oyster Bar & Grill, London.

Sitting at Bentley’s bar with Dad on a Wednesday, he turns to me: so Mary what’s the life plan?

*awkward silence*

o look what has arrived


…. saved

Sweat test: 7 could have been a little more spicy but did the trick.

Garnishes: 8 classy olives are on the top of this one with some lemon of course..this is Bentley’s

Glass: 6  steady size nothing creative

Taste: 9 rich, had a nice balsamic flare

Overall: 7 A classy bloody mary in the city, tastes great and will suit the more mature londoner.

ANYWAY…the food…

Why did the chicken cross the road?

to meet with the lobster, give the eggs and turn into my soufflé omelette of course.


Loved this dish, it’s not every day you see omelettes knocking about the lunch menu. this one I could have in the summer or in the winter. Very filling, tasty creamy texture.

meanwhile to the bar stool to my right….


looks like Dad’s BAE has succeeded in teaching him how to de-bone fish too…

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