Wine Waffling At London Wine Fair 2015.

My current wine status: The Waffler

Generally living by the rules:

1. If Provence rosé/ blush on the menu go for that.

2. If a cheap red is said to be ‘alright’ go for that when eating steak or with a bloke.

3. Avoid white… you will lose friends.

Long gone the teenage days of hiding Dad’s Oyster Bay in my room before a night out.( I have found wine can actually not taste like battery acid.) However there are still mountains of vineyards to climb before I become the  official ‘wine arse’ at the table.. we all know one.


For pure educational reasons (and some lovely people’s passes) I ended up at the London Wine Fair, walking around not knowing where to start.


make that two of us.


We began with good intentions saying words like: grapes, palette, vintage..darling whilst  discussing intensely what would be a good pairing for a scotch egg…


but this soon went out the window when the wine started pouring.



It was all pretty aimless drinking until…

‘O NO WAY, DUDE!’ (he didn’t actually say that)



 cue photo with wine from Bulgaria


As you may have guessed I like to see myself as a rosé drinker (despite being told it’s ‘princess juice’ by Jess, she didn’t seem to mind it last year on rosé Sunday )

So, I was on my own little mission to find a new bottle to love.



Nannette’s English Rosé from Hush Heath Estate.  It had all the taste I could want from a rosé; refreshing, crisp, you could totally taste the ‘wild strawberry with hints of spice and oats’ -yes I copied that from the leaflet, but if like me and like light rosé then try it.

They also do a very nice, sweet apple cider…


Satisfied I had my wine for the summer we started on a search again this time to find some NZ wine


with some stops on the way of course…






There…. It’s where there was grass…


After the six or so countries we had downed we thought we probably should call it a day but before we did…


check out our drunken munchies charcuterie box, an impressive £13..I know I don’t rate charcuterie but we very much approved of our dead pig box.


so what did I achieve from London Wine Fair 2015-

1. Got myself a rosé that wasn’t from Provence

2.  expert of all wines…still a waffler who just got very tipsy at a wine fair

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