Summer Has Just Got Hot….The Caribbean Is Coming To London

I was nine when I was being swept in a swimming pool rapid, past the bar serving rum cocktails in Puerto Rico. At eleven I was watching fire-eating men with a backdrop of the sun setting over St Lucia beach.

MAN Holidays are wasted on the young. 

As much as my parents love me, it’s a far cry they are going to book and pay for a Caribbean holiday for a long time.. (till the end of my days)

So it’s a beautiful thing, that the Caribbean is coming to me instead.


Introducing CFDE: The Caribbean Food and Drink Expo. 


The launch was in the High Commission HQ for St. Vincent and the Grenadines and the room was very blue. The expo is a collaboration between CaribDirect Multi-Media and Faireather Productions.

They gave us some very exciting news:

On the Sunday 12th July, The Caribbean is coming to Brixton Windrush Square!  In this ‘free-entry’ square you will find; different stands which will represent dishes from all the caribbean islands, arts and crafts, a stage for light entertainment and most importantly A RUM BAR WITH A BEACH! (all so I can re-live my childhood- without the rum)

After making the room’s mouths drool, they let us have a taster of what we will expect.

How many of say “Let’s go for a Caribbean tonight!”  ?

not a lot…

but we are missing out.



And these mini filled pastries of goodness


fresh fish and pepper on crackers, a perfect summer snack.


And if you think cheesecake is an American dish..


This creamy banana and caramel cheesecake will prove you wrong.

All washed down with rum of course!


Best element about food and drink expos is they allow smaller businesses to show off their produce to us, which is what the CFDE is focusing on. Black River chocolate is one of them, founded by the fabulous Marvia Borrell, who makes some of the finest chocolate.  I had the white chocolate bar to bring home, all that remains is the wrapper. 

So the food is obviously amazing, but my only knowledge of the Caribbean is of memories of golden sand, banana boats, parrots and not much else.

It was interesting to listen to some inspirational speakers about the state of the Caribbean including: Mr Cebio Lewis, who briefed us on climate change, agriculture, food and recycling .As well as Mrs Elizabeth Mullings-Smith, who specialises in Diabetes in the Caribbean community. These two and a handful of others will be part of the half day Definitive Food and Drink conference on the 10th July.


Keeping with the theme of pushing small Caribbean companies it will also be a networking event with food and drink manufactures and buyers allowing great produce to be shown to the big dogs like Tescos.

After I photo stalked (not brave enough to do a selfie) Miss Teen Caribbean and feeling satisfied I do like Caribbean food, I went away with a weekend in my diary for this summer that I am very much looking forward to and so should you!


The Definitive Food and Drink Conference: Friday 10th July 2015 12-6pm, Holiday Inn Kensington Forum, 97 Cromwell Road, London, SW7 4DN

Caribbean Food and Drink Expo: Sun 12th July, Brixton Windrush Square SE2 1EF, 11am-7pm

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