A Giant White Bird and A Giant Gin List…London Welcomes The Trading House!


You see people walk, storm, slowly ponder (tourists) even run but one would never gallop around the city.

Until now.

This is the moment I was just about to sip on a raspberry bellini  in a carriage being pulled by two fine horses.


We were on our way to the latest cocktail/pub/restaurant bar in london The Trading House. A popular chain up North who have now graced us with their presence.


After a little trot past ‘post-work pint men’..we pulled up to the doors…


Jess and Sherlock hijacked the cart without my knowledge, so I guess they are coming too.

We entered the converted the Bank of New Zealand to find something what will hopefully look like my living room when I grow up…




Whilst plotting ways to steal this bird, I was offered a drink..


Their gin list is one of the best, I explained to the bar man that I have been hit by The “Hendricks curse” and he needed to expand my world. He suggested Brockmans gin, a Scottish gin which uses blueberries.


The berries were distinct with a kick and made much sweeter gin…we may have just been cured from the Hendricks curse

Like I said they are going for a pub/restaurant/cocktail bar…so everything you need under one roof basically.

First off we were shown the cocktail part with a little mixology class and competition.

Remember how I won against Farrah at STK? Well it’s needless to say I was overly confident with this one.




The bar man with sleeves like Ed Sheeran tried them all

There was a pause

“The winner is this one and this one.”

Can you believe it?

He was not  pointing at mine but blooming  Erik ,Just Another Foodie, and Paul from We Love Food That’s All We Eat.


Bright side we got some cocktails to drink now. silver lining…


Then it was the restaurant aspect. The menu to this place is right up my street; it’s got your pies, whole chicken for gentleman grub with salad, fish choices for the lighter ladies.

My favourite part is the design your own deli board… yes I will be back here with my ‘fellow-dead-pig-board-lover’ at some point. Especially if they are like this one:


Prawns on a stick, cheese, prosciutto ham and… a scotch egg.

We all shared it politely with each other (practically stabbing each other with the prawn skewers so we can all get a slice of everything)

Then we were whisked away off to the ‘pub aspect’ an ale tasting. Now since I could drink I have been told:

“beer gives you a beer belly”

“don’t hold a pint in a W etherspoons”

“drink the rainbow…” (I told myself that one)

Point is I have avoided beer.

But did you know…

Ale is actually the most slim-friendly out of wine and spirits? No I wouldn’t believe you either but Warren, the ale taster and producer was telling me and he definitely didn’t have a beer belly.


So the first pint …Nutty Black. I’m not going to lie I have to forget everything I was taught because I loved it! No wonder they have won Champion Beer of Britain twice!

Our second was an exclusive home brewed beer, made by our very own Warren called the passionate blonde.


Still a working progress but like the initial taste of passion fruit and lime, I am looking forward to seeing the finished product as with a name like that I think we will get along. (especially as it’s gluten free points as well..)

Our final drink was Schneider Weisse, this had a great banana tint to it and can be paired with some roasted meats, which may be a good alternative to the heavy red wine.

We all got a bit excited in the end…


Four things Trading House has taught me:

  1. Drinking ale won’t make me a fat bloke.
  2. Hendricks is not the be all and end all.
  3. Losing a cocktail competition is something that should never happen again.
  4. There’s now a place in London for boys, girls gin and designer deli boards.

Trading House opens 1st June 2015

The Trading House 89-91 Gresham Street London EC2V 7NQ

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