*BLOODY MARY REVIEW* Berners Tavern, London, The Place For Marriage Counselling.

I’m a little in love Berners Tavern, It’s a huge room, pictures everywhere and there’s something that reminds me of New York when I go.


My first time there was certainly memorable. I went to meet my parents after their post-marriage break up talk. Now after a disastrous ‘post-talk’ at Browns a few months before, I went ready with my marriage-counselling speech and a pen in my bag for when we need to do the “only the person holding the pen can speak”

However I nervously looked around the buisness-belly Tavern just to find Mum and Dad both filled with Tanquery, laughing hysterically off the bar stools.

And that was the start to a happy break up…O what Jason + gin can do for marriages…

This visit is a bit more straight forward. I’m at the bar and I have a bloody mary on the way and here it is:


Garnishes 9 love a balancing act, lemon, green olive. The olive was amazing and the pip was politely picked up from the bar with little tweezers by the very well suited barman. so classy on their part…

Taste: 8 Obviously these guys know what they are doing, a great quality.

sweat test: 7  satisfying kick, however i was feeling brave and probably could have gone further.

Glass 8 The Beyonce of glasses- a crystal bottom, they always make me feel special when drinking from them.

Presentation 10 straw,stick, beautiful quality garnishes.

Overall 8.5 Just like it’s sister at Pollen Street Social- Of course it was always going to be a lovely bloody. Perhaps a bit more of a challenge with the spice if anything

IMG_5041 (1)

I also love the complimentary posh crisp snacks, I know they are designed to keep me there-it unfortunately works. Keep ‘em coming Jason!

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