Welcome Back Summer Cup Reviews!

This weekend marks the official start of summer so this can only mean the start of the  summer cup reviews! Last year It was all about the Pimm’s but with new product barging their way onto the market I am interested to get my hands (or liver) dirty and see what are the best  ‘summer cups’ out there.  If you missed the winners of last year’s Pimm’s review, don’t fear! Here is a link

Now rating system is as follows:

Taste: quality lemonade? cheap? sweet? smooth? refreshing? /5

Strength: How gererous are you feeling mr barman? I like them dark and strong. /5

Fruit (include a large amount of appropriate and creative fruit and herbs) /5

Presentation: I need the right tools: good big creative glass, a stick, a straw and pretty layout. /5

Overall   /20 adding together with a thumbs up or down

By the end of the summer you will be well equipped of where to go for your summer cup

Confession time I may have dabbled in a few Pimm’s around London already this year.. so here are a couple of  reviews to get started

Charlotte Street Hotel 

Now I was pushing Pimm’s weather when I ordered this but….


Taste: Good quality lemonade, well mixed 4 /5

Strength: As you can see from the colour we have a generous bartender 4/5

Fruit  A very green, refreshing group of fruit and herbs in this Pimm’s. I personally like a lot of strawberries 3/5

Presentation: Great long glass, the fruit and mint are cut and placed beautifully Two straws. lovely 4 /5

Overall   15/20 A good solid, quality Pimms.- great kick start to the Pimm;s

The Swan, The Globe

Now this is one of my favourite pubs in London, great food, layout etc. I was sipping on this Pimm;s whilst  I was introducing Dad to the new guy so…it was very much needed.


Taste:  refreshing ,good  lemonade, perhaps a bit watery with the ice 3 /5

Strength: Probably the correct amount but I do like mine slightly darker 3/5

Fruit well raspberries, limes, mint this was a great mix!  4/5

Presentation:  Pints are probably not my first choice but they are good for size.  Two straws and I like the mint tail at the top 4 /5

Overall   14/20 another good contender, great size and lovely mix.

Roll on the summer….

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