IMBIBE LIVE- Showing The World The New Summer Cup and A Taste Of Rose Petal Liqueur!

Check out who I was on Monday….


For those who don’t know IMBIBE is basically a exhibition of drinks which is put on for the trade.  A beautiful idea and a place to be if you can get in.


Unlike the wine show I wasn’t pretending to be a manager of an Oxfordshire pub, I was there to as brand ambassador for Bronte Liqueur. I have mentioned this drink a couple of times before but I generally believe it’s the new summer cup and as The Mayfairy would say “ it’s what Jesus drinks while everyone else is drinking Pimms.”

The day kicked off to a good start-The stand opposite me was smokey Chase Vodka and there was bloody mary shots to offer. A nice shot of that started me off for the day.


I spent the morning throwing straight liquear into buyers mouths. The small country pubs were happily shooting it down without a thought. The big buyers of high end london bars were smelling it. They were smelling it with one nostril, then the other, smelling the back of their hands “to neutrilise their scent” then go back in for another smell. Then they will taste, pull a face into the clouds as their tongue twerked about. We then added a cube of ice.. they tongue twerked again as they close their eyes.we wait to see the verdict….

“I taste…blackberries”


‘…I like it”

I knew you would..and that is generally what happened until around 3, then it was like talking facts to people in Oneils on a Friday night.

IMG_5480  IMG_5481

I was sharing the stand with Diplome Dry Gin, a french gin made in 1940s. The new founder Edouard revamped it again in the 21st century and was smoothly selling his bottle to the tom, dick and Harrys of the show.

After a while I got slightly distracted by the other stalls and found myself wondering around. I said hey to Smith And Sinclair,  they make Gin and Tonic jelly sweets and should be knighted for it.

I moved through the maze of alchol, there was so many I was overwhelmed one second I see gin  get excited but o look they are making cocktails…ahh!


I then came across these guys….Lanique  a liqueur made out of rose petals. It was like prom queens dream. It felt like velvet in my mouth- brilliant for a girls cocktail party.


Anyway had a naughty shot of toffee vodka, a shot probably one for the sweeter tooth among us.  By the time I got back to my stand people were now droopy eyed experts of the trade and with no shame needing double taste of Bronte until the announcer said it was time for them to leave.

Bronte went down a treat so hopefully you will all be able to find it in your next bar!

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