The Night I realised I May Have Been The School’s Inbetweener

It started with a few cocktails and Hermione’s big mouth...’Shall we do a school reunion?’

It’s been five years since leaving my little Oxford-bubble school and my first response was ‘that will be awkward’ but as the conversation (and the drinks) kept flowing it turned into be the best idea in the world. Sure enough by the end of the night there was a Facebook event up. We invited the whole year…all 40 of them.

We all got excited when people started accepting and I thought back to the ‘good old school days’

The day came and we had about…10 signed up. only 10 you say!? but that is a 1/4 of our year.

The place we chose was the Red Lion in Oxford to keep it casual and close to home. I was finishing off a course in Acton that day so as soon as it ended I rushed to the Oxford tube bus in Shepherd Bush. Unfortunately I was working in South London the next morning so I had a night return. Would that leave me enough time to catch up with them all?

On the bus I thought about the times like our christmas dinners


playing in the snow


playing in the mud


The school trip bus rides


The times we should have been learning but we did photo shoots instead


Eating noodles on Duke Of Edinburgh whilst the staff ordered Chinese food.

n512991060_1057792_4924 ah school days- why did we all lose contact?

Now sat in the Red Lion  Amy and Hermione tucked into Pimm’s and dinner before they all arrived.


This is going to be so much fun…

phone pinged

we have a rain check message.

o well- that’s ok we know Becca is going to come anyway as she has just texted us.

Becca was also one of the Partcians. We could all relate that con of free labour in sixth form, also the dreaded Tuesday morning headmistress meetings where we had to explain why we haven’t made the school more green in the previous week.


We jumped with excitement when Becca walked in a bottle of wine was ordered whilst we wait for the others. The bottle went down as we caught up with Becca of what she’s been up to in five years. Poor chick, it must have felt like an interrogation.

Time had flown by and tipsy ladies in tiaras were walking around us aimlessly due to badly organised hen parties and we had come to the conclusion of fashionably late was now a ditch.


prosecco anyone?


We said cheers to the 1/10 of the year turn out and I got back on my bus.

As I walked around Victoria at 2am calling for black cabs i thought that was a lovely night

and maybe from now when people asked were you popular at school?


I’ll just say… I got by!

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