Gordon Ramsey no need to be so angry… you have a lovely restaurant (and a secret bar!)


Swearing for the sake of swearing is something that really f@*ks me off. Which is why I have never been a fan of Gordon Ramsey.  However I obviously wasn’t going to turn down lunch with Dad and his BAE at Ramsey’s Union-Street- Cafe.

It was tube strike day meaning every Londoner was in traffic jam as if an alien invasion was making them leave the city, which meant we pretty much had the restaurant to ourselves.


It’s an open modern space, going for the industrial style perfect look for any occasion really( like a date…) We kicked off with a cocktail which Dad’s BAE choose  Aperol Spritz  It’s strong, refreshing and bright orange what can go wrong?


The cuisine is Italian, light I  gazed at the starters and was feeling the Tuscan ham with melo…

let’s get some Apertitivi to share and no starter..” Dad announced (i think the whole Ramsey thing is rubbing off on him..he even starting to look like him at this point…)


so no ham and melons, no worries I was quite happy with these Balsamic meatballs and Arancino Pizzaiola to kick start the meal. Love a bit of ball tapas to start a meal.



For main I had cod with a sneaky side of fried zucchini (fried zucchini is in my top five side dishes) a perfect healthy side for a fool. The cod dish was light and summary and will make any healthy LA-er happy and I certainly enjoyed it.



Dad and Dad’s BAE opted for a pasta dish


which reminded me of those 90s popper toys.1154

and dessert (death to diet..i know) I had pana cotta and Dad’s BAE had home made Ice cream. Dad refused to have ice cream but persisted in digging at spoon into his girlfriend’s scoop with no shame.



Of course we had one for the road…


Fantastic meal.


Now what you may not know about this restaurant is the hidden bar downstairs – a cool american speak-easy type feel. We went before it opened but I can imagine it’s a pretty nice evening pace..


For a date…


on one’s birthday..

IMG_0310My birthday is on the 3rd September


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