Drying out in London- Sober October Starts

Normally on a Sunday afternoon  I will be indulging into a Bloody Mary or a Bellini to celebrate yet another weekend. However as I write this I am sat in Clapham Common’s Starbucks with a black coffee and a view of a very good looking queue. (you all know how I salute Clapham for it’s impressive magnet of good genetics)

So anyway my point is I must be here as I am doing Sober October. Yes it’s been a brilliant summer filled with cocktails galoreSONY DSC




Followed by a Birth-month: a one day celebration which I managed to eek out any cheers I could find over a four week period.

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 16.35.41

To add to this November is kicking in which means Selfridges starts getting christmassy which means I do to.

so it’s only fair on my liver to give it a months holiday so here we go…


This ironically was a drunken agreement with my Dad that we would both go sober. So far I have managed (even when watching England lose in a pub)


He however, has insisted on starting on Monday as Paris is just not Paris without wine.


…London is not London without gin.. or is it?

My mission for the next four weeks is

A. find alternative ways to entertain myself

B. To find the best non-alcoholic drink in social situations. I.e. ‘The Virgin Garden’

IMG_0238 (2)

Don’t worry I am not going to fill your page with rubbish about Whole Food’s green tablets and 100 degrees meditation lessons. I am prepared with my ‘Dry Autumn To-Do List’ – which has made me the butt of jokes but I do believe the Vauxhall petting zoo could make a very nice outing, you never know.


Perhaps Dad may want to come along with me.


watch this space.

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