Hitting the R-oxo bottom- Bloody Mary, Oxo Tower 

Coming back from sober October was like…

Yes back to my ways on a Saturday morning I was crawling to the SouthBank looking for a Bloody Mary.

When the town is grey nothing looks inspiring  until I saw the Oxo Tower- a place I thought looked like this… 

But in fact looked like this-

I was hanging.. Bad. I had spent a night drunkenly debating with a Texan about gun laws and making friends with ‘BooBoo’ 

Needless to say Bloody Mary was ordered  before the waiter could say “menu”. Normally I would check of course but hey  It’s not like I was walking into The Ritz

And here it is…

   Taste: 1 watered down tomato juice with an over-riding taste of paprika.

Garnishes: 3 a large fresh stick of celery is passable. Some points for the salt rim.

sweat test: 1 wasn’t that hot wake me up before you go go more or of a spice drawer.

Glass: 3 basic glass

Presentation 2 yes the rim is good but not anything else special. The straws were too big- made it look cheaper then their chairs.

(-)1 bonus point for price

9/25 you may feel  I am harsh on Ol’ Bloody M.  This is explained in the bill. Normally price is not a mark down but when the quality isn’t there  you have to justify…£12.95 per BM!

Do you know what I could do with £29 to help my hangover?

  1. 5 bottles  of berrocca
  2. 2 fry ups at Brixton
  3. 2-3 bloody Mary’s at a normal place without scabby furniture.

We went down the elevator with significantly lighter wallets, still with a hangover but now accomplied by a strong taste of  paprika in our mouths.

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